The Marriage Files

a short story (10)
The Marriage Files

Marriage creates interesting bedfellows and in these 5 short stories by bestselliing author Catherine Burr, the women go through a coming of age process as they figure out if the men they married are right for them, the secrets that are held, and how to be the strongest women they know they are capable of being.

The stories include:
1. An Inconvenient Attorney
2. An Inconvenient Mistress
3. Lenora
4. Jack and Jill
5. Cassie

All about women who are at cross-roads and must face the truth of their lives and the direction they must take.

Published by New Line Press. Available now at bookstores everywhere. Print and ebook.

About the Author:

As a young child, Catherine Burr moved with her family from Canada to sun-drenched Northern California. With her siblings, she played in the orchards and open fields of Santa Clara Valley, cherishing the beauty of the land, until progress arrived in the name of Silicon Valley. When her father took her on a tour of an early Silicon Valley computer company, she was filled with intrigue, as the framework was being laid for the high-tech generation, as well as ideas for Catherine’s future novels.

Catherine Burr is the author of the Silicon Valley series of novels, including Silicon Secrets and Next Exit. She is the co-author of the romantic intrigue novel, Orchids to Die For, and author of Motherhood Moments, co-author of Motherhood is not for Wimps, author of the Shadow Cat Series,the God Loves Me Series of children’s books, Dry Spell, and numerous short stories. Catherine lives with her family in Northern California where she is working on her next book.