Amazon Author Central

Some thoughts from Motivational Exponent and Bestselling Author Catherine Burr about Amazon Author Central and what you SHOULD be doing but probably aren’t.

Catherine Burr

So I had to get a new bio pic for my other business and while doing so actually ended up with photos that I thought apropos for my writing and publishing side, so updated my Author Central page on Amazon. By the way, how often do you update your Amazon Author Central page? You should keep it updated, refreshed, post photos of yourself! Hoppefully professional ones but if not, ones that gives readers an idea of YOU! Make sure you have your website linked as it posts your blog posts updates to your page. And I bet you didn’t know there are Author Central pages for not just the US site but for all the other countries where books are sold! Make sure you have pages on all the sites! It’s work but it’s part of marketing and promotion that authors should already be doing. It’s free and it’s worthwhile!…

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