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Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 4.43.27 PMFive Stars to Catherine Burr’s “Motherhood Moments”

Motherhood Moments by Catherine Burr
80 Pages
ISBN 9781618290465

Motherhood Moments: Raising Kids, what they don’t tell you!

I once strolled into the hallway and had to duck-and-cover because my sons were having a coin toss. No, not a coin toss like at a county fair where you merrily toss coins hoping to land on a plate in exchange for a stuffed animal or small trinket. No, I’m talking about pennies flying through the air like Major League baseball pitches. It’s times like these, when a mother picks up the phone and calls her best friend, or her sister, or a fellow mom, or someone who will understand and listen.

Motherhood Moments by Catherine Burr is available in print and ebook at and major bookstores.

80 pages, book of true short stories about being a mom! Motherhood Moments by Catherine Burr