Lori Golden

29e8a-dreamsawakencoverLove likes this comes but once in a lifetime.

Dreams Awaken by Lori Golden
Print and ebook, 83 pages
ISBN 978-1-61829-075-5
Published by New Line Press

#1 Bestseller in Short Stories, Mobipocket.com
Amazon.com Bestseller
Voted #4 Best Ever Contemporary Romance, Good Reads

If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks, you will adore this love story. A novel that will tug at your heartstrings.

Currently out of print.


She sits on their bench wondering why her life is so still and empty. She has a family and two beautiful kids. This should be enough for anyone. Her hopes and dreams have been put on the back burner just waiting for the time when they can spark again and come out from hiding. The love she once had, seemed impossible to ever achieve again. But, still there is hope and a chance, though ever so small, it may shine again. “Never give up hope!” is the one thing she repeats every single day of her life. She won’t give up, and she knows, that even the distance and the twenty years that had separated them…that he must surely feel the same.

He looks at his wife, “…why the hell did I take this route,” goes through his head. She can’t hear him because God forbid he let those words flow past his lips. “This is not the life I signed up for, this is not the way it was supposed to be,” ran through his mind. When he thinks back to the time he was the happiest and most content with his life, he sees her, the girl of his dreams; and the one person in his life worth living for. He smiles for her, he laughs for her, and he lives for the moment their paths may cross again. He knows that one day his passion will once again be fulfilled.

Jesse Gavin was approaching her eighteenth birthday. She never thought of herself as beautiful but did feel that she was pretty, with dark blond hair, hazel eyes, and not a bad body if she did say so herself. She was in her final year of high school with only one month until graduation.

Jesse came from a family that didn’t have many luxuries. She had aged beyond her years due to supporting herself by working while still attending school. With having younger siblings at home, the focus was on them and their needs.

She dated off and on, but never really found a guy that she wanted to spend more than a couple hours with. The guys that she had been seeing all thought that being in a drunken stupor 24/7 was an acceptable way of life. She knew that she wanted more than this in her life and she’d wait. She had made up her mind on this and was not going to settle for less. Even at such a young age and no matter what anyone else said, she did know what she wanted. She wanted to share her life with a perfect guy, her perfect guy, and it would only be a matter of time until she would find him…

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Out of print


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