Broken Voices

Broken Voices

Broken Voices by Winona Rasheed
68 pages, Young Adult Novel
Available in print and ebook formats


Moving from one city to another as a freshmen student attending a new high school has its qualms. However, the situation becomes even more difficult and intense when the new student has a secret that she tries to hide from her classmates. 13-year-old Ella Rose from Savannah Georgia appears to be normal at one glance, until she speaks or tries to communicate. Unlike everyone else at Manchester High School in Washington DC, Ella Rose Abbot is different, and it will take more than the standard school uniform to make her feel that she fits in and belongs with the rest of the students, despite her secret. However, as Ella finds out, some situations are not easily hidden, turning one small bad situation into a mountain of chaotic problems as you try to hide the obvious.

Broken Voices is an encouraging story that takes you inside a different world, the world of the handicapped and people with broken voices and impaired hearing.

Editorial Review: “Ella Rose Abbot begins her first day of high school full of self-doubt and then triumphs over the day. Ella, a deaf girl, signs, writes, and speaks with “a broken voice,” as it turns out, very beautifully. “Broken Voices” is a story that will lift you up and make you feel better about the world.” –Kris Harpster

Across the board, it’s FIVE STARS FOR WINONA RASHEED’S BROKEN VOICES Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 4.43.27 PM

  • “Broken Voices is a book that needed to be written!” ~ Olga Verro,
  • “Broken Voices is an excellent book!”  ~ Christy,


About the Author: “Life is breezy when I am writing and being creative. When I get at my desk and sit in front of my keyboard, the outside world just slips away.

As an author, I have books for everyone, young readers, old readers; it doesn’t matter, you will get a delight out of reading my books. They are timeless!”

~Winona Rasheed

Winona is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit Winona Rasheed’s website.


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