God Loves Me Series

God Loves Me by Catherine Burr
God Loves Me

Samantha is a curious little girl, always asking questions. One day she asks her mother if God loves her. Her mother assures Samantha that she is special and that God loves her in this colorful children’s picture book. Print and ebook.

Review by Kathleen Anderson (Kathleen Janz-Anderson (Idaho)
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“Catherine Burr created a story that is real, beautiful, and simply told in a way that all children need to hear.”

Print book and ebook. 26 pages, colorful picture book.

God Loves Me Too by Catherine Burr

GOD LOVES ME TOO by Catherine Burr

Colorful children’s picture book about learning God loves children unconditionally in God Loves Me Too. 23 pages.


Sam is a curious little boy, always asking questions. One day he asks his mother about God, and if God loves him.

His mother assures Sam that God loves him and that he is special in this colorful children’s picture book. Sam likes to ask questions, lots of questions. He
 always has new questions to ask his teacher, or his father, or his mother.

One day, Sam asked his mother a question. “I want to know about God.”

“God is great. God is good,” Sam’s mother said.

“What else would you like to know?” Sam’s
mother asked.

“Does God love me?” Sam asked.

“Yes, God loves you,” Sam’s mother said. “God loves you because you are special.”

“Well, what about the time I accidentally broke the window with my baseball?” Sam asked. “Because I felt really bad about that, did God love me then?”

“Yes, I remember that. God forgave you and He loved you then and He loves you now.” “Does God love my baby brother?”

“Yes, God loves your baby brother.”

23 pages. Colorful children’s picture book. Print and ebook

Note from the Author: I got the idea for this book after writing the pink book, GOD LOVES ME, featuring a little girl Samantha. My sister saw it and loved it, and suggested that I do a book in blue for little boys. What a great idea! So, that’s how this book came about.

About the Author: Catherine Burr is the author of over a dozen books, including seven children’s books. She earned her catechetical certificate and taught Sunday School to preschool children.


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