The Cat With No Name

A Cat with No Name by catherine burr
A Cat With No Name

The Cat With No Name by Catherine Burr

A cat with no name chased butterflies and ran carefree through the yard of a vacant house with her brother and sister, until strange things started to happen, first her siblings and mother disappeared, then new owners of the house, who didn’t like cats moved in, and suddenly no name cat’s entire world changed in “The Cat With No Name,” a bestselling children’s book by California author Catherine Burr.

This darling bestselling children’s book is part of a 5 book “The Shadow Cat” series and is geared for preschool to 5 years old. Colorful picture book, lesson of friendship, love, and caring for pets. Based on a true story by Catherine Burr. 23 pages.

Available in ebook and print formats at major worldwide bookstores, including Amazon (worldwide), Apple iTunes (worldwide) and Barnes and Noble US and UK.

ISBN-10: 1618290592
ISBN-13: 978-1618290595

“The cat with no name with it’s great illistrations and excellent story line it is the perfect book for your child. I smiled and laughed through out reading and though how my neices and nephews would love a copy! Catherine Burr is a multi talented author and I have enjoyed all of her work!” – LG. From

“This is a delightful and colorful story suitable for young children. Lots of very cute pictures. A book you will enjoy reading to your kids and grandchildren and one that they will want read over and over again!” – Dorothy Wall,

“The book is so cute. I brought it over when I went to visit my children. My six year old granddaughter loved it, and kept telling her little sister to be quiet so she could hear me read it to her. I ordered the next book but it didn’t arrive until I left, so I’m sending it to her.” – Kathleen Anderson (Kathleen Janz-Anderson),, Format:Paperback.

Note from the Author: “This story is based on a true story of how I came to adopt my rescue cat, Shadow. She used to follow my mother around like a shadow, so that’s how her name came about.” THE CAT WITH NO NAME by Catherine Burr.

There are 5 books in the Shadow Cat Series by bestselling children’s author Catherine Burr. They are:


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