The Cat Who Went Lame

The cat who went lame by catherine burr, shadow cat series
The Cat Who Went Lame

The Cat Who Went Lame by Catherine Burr

It started out like every other day for the cat with no name that is until Samantha’s kitty cat went missing. Samantha, her mother, and Samantha’s best friend Ralph set out to search for the missing cat. They made of flyers and looked everywhere in the neighborhood. Finally they learn that the kitty had been chased up a tree by a dog and fell out, only to be taken to a local animal hospital. The doctor told Samantha that her cat might never walk again! Over time, the kitty cat recovered and Samantha and Ralph were very grateful and sang out a song of praise and thanks to God.

44 pages, colorful children’s picture book (ages 1-5)

  • ISBN-10: 1618290614
  • ISBN-13: 978-1618290618
    Available in print and ebook

Note from the Author: “This is the true story of my Shadow Cat who fell out of tree (darn dogs!) and was missing for several days (she was in a ditch), and was paralyzed. But, miraculously, she recovered and this is her story.”  THE CAT WHO WENT LAME by Catherine Burr.


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