The Cat Who Found Fame

The Cat Who Found Fame by Catherine Burr

The cat who found fame by catherine burr
The Cat Who Found Fame

The Cat Who Found Fame. Shadow Cat becomes famous after books are published about her, and she travels the world and goes “Hollywood.” Soon Shadow Cat realizes that the one place she wants to be, is home with her friends. Colorful children’s picture book. Approximately 23 pages. Age: Preschool. Please see the screenshots below of the first few pages of this book!

  • ISBN-10: 1618290797
  • ISBN-13: 978-1618290793
    Available in print and book, 23 pps
    Published by New Line Press


Note from the Author, Catherine Burr: I had fun with this story because I imagined Shadow Cat and how she traveled around the world after she became famous, she travels to Paris, France, and Mexico, and the North Pole. This book is bright and colorful and is filled with great imagination, and it’s filled with the lesson of friendship.


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