The Cat Who Could Count

The Cat Who Could Count
By Catherine Burr

the cat who would count by catherine burr
The Cat Who Could Count

Samantha likes to play school with her cat, Shadow. She pretends to teach her cat how to count to 10. One day, they go to a park and Samantha is surprised to find that Shadow listened to her

and she finds objects in the park to count up to 10. She sees 1 turtle, 2 flowers, 3 dogs, and more up to the number 10. This is a brightly colored picture book for presc

hoolers, children that are learning to count to 10. Each page has one line of text and a colorful picture to correspond with the number.

28 pages, available in print and ebook, ages 1-5

  • ISBN-10: 1618290762
  • ISBN-13: 978-1618290762
  • (This book is available at for Kindle and in print)

Note from the Author: In this story, I thought about how children love to play with their pets and when I was little, we always played, “school,” and so in this book, I have the little girl, Samantha, teaching Shadow Cat how to count to TEN.