Lenora by Catherine Burr

Lenora knew not that Robert had been keeping secrets. Lenora thought she had the perfect marriage. She had a perfect life, she had a career in art that she loved, her husband was a stockbroker, money was not an issue in their life. Something lately seemed off in their relationship. Instead of spending romantic time together, they started to grow apart and Robert began to spend more time away from home.

Her doubts were becoming louder and louder in her trusting mind. She recalled how her father had had affairs on her mother, how their relationship ended in a bitter divorce. She painfully remembered how it all came to light after her father frequently started staying away from home – just like Robert was doing now. And then it dawned on her. There was a pattern and it was repeating itself with her husband, with her beloved Robert. That asshole! She had a moment of classical eureka! Oh my God! She thought. And then, out loud and to the entire universe, she screamed, “He’s having an affair!”

Lenora sets out to spy on her husband and gets more than she bargained for when she meets the other woman!

30 pages, ebook
Romance New Adult

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