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Nook Proofs Arrive & Comparison

Little video I made about the 3 proofs I received for hardback books.


10 thoughts on “Nook Proofs Arrive & Comparison”

  1. Oh my goodness, I love this post and the video. Now this is very helpful and inspiring. I like the printed on hardcover myself. This is something I would love to try with Ella Rose, Peace, Be Still and When Silence is not Golden. You make everything look so simple and easy. The video is absolutely a winner! A good resource for writers. Way to go Catherine Burr!

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      1. It sure is a pickle and a whole lot of it. I have a different image that I am trying to use, and I am following step by step guide and it is still a fickle pickle. LOL I try to put in the title name with the image and then the image disappears. All I have left is either my name or the title in place, where the image went beats the heck out of me. It is funny because my son was trying to show me this same thing a few weeks ago. Guess he will have to give me another lesson.

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