When a bestseller is more than a bestseller

Our fearless leader discusses what a bestseller can really mean to an author. You might be surprised…

Catherine Burr

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by Catherine Burr

I posted the other day the announcement that I received, much to my surprise and delight that one of my dramatic intrigue novels (DESIRES AND DECEPTIONS) received a bestseller star from All Romance eBooks. It was interesting because I’d posted the book for the first time on the ARe site, then the next day, thought to myself I should Tweet out some links, and my eyes went into super stare mode at the screen. There was the silver bestseller star next to my book! I couldn’t believe it.Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.10.39 PM

This bestseller star was cool as I will explain here, but also because I did a “soft” release of this novel, because it was always so close to my heart. I held it back for a while as I re-wrote the ending (from what the original version held). I NEVER liked the original ending. It was too sappy…

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4 thoughts on “When a bestseller is more than a bestseller”

  1. By the by, I’ve had bestsellers before, but this was tickled me because it was the first bestseller list for this particular title, and I love this personal story. I didn’t promote this book too much (soft release) and I’m happy if it gets legs, maybe a move option even?

    PS. Don’t buy the print version cause it has the ending I don’t like! Buy the ebook version! lol.

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