Motherhood humor books

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmoms and aunts and godmoms, and moms-to be, and everyone who celebrates, “Mother’s Day” for caregivers and loved ones!

Catherine Burr

Motherhood Moments by Catherine BurrIt’s that time of year when it’s close to mom’s day and people are searching high and low for ideas for gifts. It’s that time of year when people are bombarded with ads of what to buy moms and grandmothers. I don’t like to bombard people with ads for my books, however Mother’s Day is the one time of year when I make my annual suggestions for motherhood humor books, and interestingly enough, the suggestions are the same every year! Here’s why:

Being the author of 2 motherhood humor books, which have been proven to be mom-loved, I recommend these books as gifts. Motherhood Moments is 80 pages of true story of raising kids! I spill the beans on raising my kids and I know others can relate! Short stories covering from baby burps to college years, moms can relate. Motherhood Moments is available in eBook and print at major online…

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