The first line of a novel

A bestselling author of 14 books talks that first sentence in a novel.

Catherine Burr

silicon secrets original coverWhen I wrote my first novel, I knew the first sentence in my head before I wrote one word of the book. I knew the first sentence as I wrote the beginning, the middle, and the end of my book. The only thing that changed as I changed from one publisher to another with this novel, Silicon Secrets, was I changed the “Foreword” to be “Chapter One.”

I had told the original publisher of Silicon Secrets that I didn’t want the book to start with the foreword, which is how they edited my beginning, I expressed my concern that I felt many people skip over the foreword to get right to chapter one, and I was right. Many people told me so! So, in subsequent editions, the book doesn’t have a foreword, it begins with chapter one.

Make sure you stand up for how you envision your book. And if you have that…

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