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NLP Kidz R Special

nlp kidz special sale
nlp kidz

Our special books at our children’s imprint, NLP Kidz, include the spiritual DOES GOD LOVES ME? series by catechetically certified and former Sunday School teacher, Catherine Burr.

Also featured at NLP Kidz is the colorful picture books, the light-hearted, yet “teaching a message of caring, friendship, and how to count to 10,” the SHADOW CAT series

catherine burr at school presentation


New Line Press children’s books can be found on our NLP Kidz imprint site, a family friendly site which has blog posts written by parents, for parents!

catherine burr and Bishop of Sacramento
Bishop Jaime Soto greeting Catherine Burr

nlp kidz


3 thoughts on “NLP Kidz R Special”

  1. Reblogged this on NLP Kidz and commented:

    NLP Kidz books include the spiritually guided, “Does God love me?” book series, pink for girls, blue for boys. And also included at NLP kids is the colorful picture book Shadow Cat series by Catherine Burr. All these books are available as either e-books or print books. They are available at all major e-book stores, such as Amazon Barnes & Noble and Apple. As always, we thank you for your patronage.

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  2. In case you were wondering why I have a pink book for girls and blue for boys, the pink book is a little more oriented towards things that little girls might do, like having their girlfriends over for a slumber party; and the blue book for boys is geared for little boys, like hitting a baseball through a window and playing soccer and roughhousing and generally doing things little boys might do.

    Either books are appropriate for girls or boys. And they are available in e-book and print.

    For e-books, they are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and on the New Line Press storefront.

    The print books are available at Barnes & Noble–you can walk in or call any Barnes & Noble and they can order it for you, or you can order it from their website.

    The print books are also available at Amazon.

    I get requests if I would autograph books, and the answer is yes, absolutely. Send me (Catherine) an email through this website or Twitter me, and you can send me a check and I will send you an autographed book. You can also pay by credit card through PayPal.

    For bulk/wholesale quantities, for example for Sunday school classes or schools and libraries, our exclusive print book distributor is Baker and Taylor.

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