Catherine Burr Announces Special Deal for Fans

Catherine Burr Announces Special Deal for Fans

Catherine Burr

I wanted to tell you about this sale cause it’s a first for me. My books are available for the first time on All Romance eBooks and until 7/4, two of my novels, SILICON SECRETS, and DESIRES AND DECEPTIONS, are HALF-OFF, yes, 1/2 off, 50% OFF. I know, that’s huge. It’s quite a sale. My books can currently be found the HOT LIST. How cool is that?

So, hop on over to ARe, cause seriously, I don’t have sales like this very often.

Also, on the ARe site, read some of the editorial reviews for my Silicon Secrets novels. They kinda of make me smile. Big time.

Desires and Deceptions DESIRES AND DECEPTIONS by Catherine Burr.

Marissa Clink grew up wanting, desiring more. Life in Silicon Valley showed her so much, that she ached for a better life. She had no idea the secrets that abounded in the valley would originate under the roof of…

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