Live Chat Blog Hop with Winona Rasheed

About Winona Rasheed: Winona Rasheed lives in the Nation’s Capital of Washington DC. She is a children’s writer as well as a freelance writer where she writes and prepares articles for companies on the internet. She loves blogging, tweeting and being on Facebook because these are the avenues in which she promotes her books while in cyberspace.

Today, we are thrilled to welcome prolific author Winona Rasheed.
Good Morning Winona!


25 thoughts on “Live Chat Blog Hop with Winona Rasheed”

  1. I would highly recommend self-publishing for those who want to be in control of creating their own books, simply because it lets you be in charge of the process and working on it at your own pace.


  2. Understanding the technical side of a self-publishing can be mind boggling in the set up stage of producing the book to meet the standards and qualifications of what is required for your book to be a success in print form.


  3. Designing the covers is easy and free when you go through Create Space. The covers are preset to fit the size of book that you are working on. The author just has to choose the right cover that will go with the storyline and they have quite a few images to select from. This is great when you are not a cover art designer, which I am not. I can’t draw a straight line or a perfect circle.


  4. That's very interesting, the process is seems involved.

    What about pursuing traditional publishers and literary agents, have you had any rejections? How do you deal with that, what advice would you give someone?


  5. Goodness yes, rejections are to be expected. To deal with them, you don’t take it personally, you just move on to the next publisher on your list of contacts until you find the right one. A rejection does not mean the end of your career as a writer/author.


  6. It seems I am always writing, sometimes, only in my head as thoughts and images invade my mind. However, when I am not doing that, you will find me cooking, doing housework, being domestic when I am not on my computer.


  7. I have more trouble picking character names than I do titles, titles just seem to flow when I think of a theme or a situation. For instance, this morning while doing dishes, a new book idea with title came to me while cleaning up a messy kitchen that I neglected last night because I was doing other things. I am going to play around with that thought today and see what unfolds.


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